In case you missed it, we are in a superfood revolution!

It seems that each week a new superfood hits the So it really worth jumping on the bandwagon?


Before you answer this question consider this. In the 1960's and 1970's the term superfood was synonymous with things like; margarine, oatbran and sea salt. Ok so we may know a little more about nutrition, but the point is that the media machine is in full swing, and it's getting richer and richer! My advice? Believe about 20% of what you hear, and always do your own research before spending your hard earned money on expensive so-called superfoods.

So lets take a closer look at what superfood actually means.

Apparently Finland is the world leader in superfood consumption. The trend setters of healthy eating attribute their rise in superfood consumption as a response to the decreasing nutritional value found in everyday foods.


This is partly due to farming and agricultural practices, as well as processing and packaging.

So does this mean we can splash some maca powder in our chocolate thick shake and live healthier and longer?

Clearly not!

I do agree that most of the foods we consider "super" are termed such because they are nutrient rich. However, in order to obtain the real health benefits made my many of these claims – you would need to consume way too much! Not only is this extremely costly, but it some cases it can be quite toxic and harmful.

So should we opt out of the superfood revolution all together?

Well in fact, no – by all means hop on and enjoy the ride! Just use some common sense.

In the same way you cannot exercise your way out of unhealthy eating habits, you cannot superfood your way out either.

Superfoods are fabulous, IF they form part of a well-balanced, healthy diet. Just do your research and watch your back pocket!

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